5 December 2019

The new law on higher education  and the Excellence Initiative – Research University, opened a fresh path for the most ambitious universities in Poland. Last October, an independent international panel selected ten universities. These universities over the next six years will receive additional funding. Another tier of ten institutions will receive but lesser extra funding. The additional financing plus changes in the way they are managed, it is hoped, will help these universities transform into true research universities. Both the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the university rectors realize that the process will not be easy.

25 November 2019

TOP500 is a ranking of computer systems that is published twice a year by experts at the NERSC/ Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA, the University of Tennessee Knoxville, USA, and the University of Mannheim, Germany. The benchmark for ranking is Linpack, and ranks systems by their ability to solve linear equations. The recently published 54th edition shows that world of supercomputing is still dominated by China and the USA. The number of Top 500 systems located in China is now 227, eight more than six months ago. Although the number of US systems is only 118, American computers are significantly more powerful and account for over a third of aggregate performance with China in second place.

23 October 2019

The US News has published its Best Global Universities rankings. These are entirely research based and do not include metrics related to teaching or third missions.

The overall rankings this year contain few surprises at the very top with the first place going to Harvard. However, a glance at the indicator and subject ranks suggest that there are signs that Harvard’s dominance is in danger. Although the university takes first place for global and regional research reputation, publications, total citations and papers among the top 10% and 1 % most cited, it does relatively poorly for conferences and international collaboration and scores below several Asian universities for engineering disciplines. The top twenty includes three British universities, Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London, and one Canadian, the University of Toronto. The other 16 are all from the USA.

21 November 2019

Times Higher Education (THE) has published the latest edition of the Global University Employability Rankings which are produced by Emerging, a French human resource consulting company. The ranking of 250 universities is based on a survey of recruiters at leading global companies. The United States and Western Europe continue to lead for employability. The top one hundred institutions include 23 from the United States, nine each from Germany and France and seven from the United Kingdom.

In November IREG Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence has added two new members:

We welcome the new members from France and Portugal who, we are sure, will enrich IREG Observatory through their unique experience and will bring new ideas.

15 November 2019

In the last few years there have been several attempts to move beyond the ranking of universities by research output and impact. Octopus Ventures, a venture capital investment group, has produced a ranking of British universities according to their ability to produce research-based innovation. The Entrepreneurial Impact Ranking analyses the spinout companies created by UK universities. Data is derived from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) and uses information about total funding, total spinouts, total disclosures, total patents and total sales from spinouts, per university.

Universities that do well in conventional research rankings such as Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London can be found at the top of the ranking while the bottom includes places such as the University of Bolton and the University of Bedfordshire that have little standing in national and global rankings.

However, a number of universities that are not known for research quality perform well. The University of Ulster, the University of South Wales and Strathclyde University are all included in the top twenty and the first place is held by Queen’s University Belfast.

The top ten universities are:

  1. Queen’s University Belfast
  2. University of Cambridge
  3. Cardiff University
  4. Queen Mary University of London
  5. University of Leeds
  6. University of Dundee
  7. University of Nottingham
  8. King’s College London
  9. University of Oxford
  10. Imperial College London.

octopus ventures: Research to Riches

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