China and US Continue to Lead Supercomputer Rankings

TOP500 is a ranking of computer systems that is published twice a year by experts at the NERSC/ Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA, the University of Tennessee Knoxville, USA, and the University of Mannheim, Germany. The benchmark for ranking is Linpack, and ranks systems by their ability to solve linear equations. The recently published 54th edition shows that world of supercomputing is still dominated by China and the USA. The number of Top 500 systems located in China is now 227, eight more than six months ago. Although the number of US systems is only 118, American computers are significantly more powerful and account for over a third of aggregate performance with China in second place.

Third place for number of systems goes to Japan with 29, followed by France with 18, Germany 16, Netherlands 15, Ireland 14, all Lenovo C1040, and the UK 11.

The top five systems are:

  1. Summit, IBM/DOE/SC/Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
  2. Sierra, IBM/NVIDIA/Mellanox/DOE/NNSA/LLNL, USA
  3. Sunway TaihuLight, National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi, China
  4. Tianhe-2A, National Super Computer Center in Guangzhou, China
  5. Frontera, Texas Advanced Computing Center/University of Texas, USA.

Frontera is also the top academic system. The GREEN500 list, which measures energy efficiency, is led by the A64FX Prototype, Fujitsu, Numazu Plant, Japan.

TOP 500

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