Nature Index Confirms China’s Science Superpower Status

Nature Index is a database of 145 high-quality journals selected by leading active researchers. It currently covers publications in the biological sciences, chemistry, earth and environmental sciences, health sciences, and physical sciences. Tables can be displayed for academic, government, corporate, healthcare, and NPO/NGO organisations. The social science and the humanities are not included.

Countries and institutions are ranked according to Count, the number of times an author is listed as co-author of a publication, and Share, the percentage contribution to publications.

The top ten countries, in order, are China, the USA, Germany, the UK, Japan, France, Canada, South Korea, India, and Switzerland.

This year’s overall academic institutions table is led by Harvard, but the rest of the top ten are Mainland Chinese universities. China reigns supreme for physical sciences, earth and environmental sciences, and the USA performs well for biological and health sciences.

The top three universities for each subject group are:

Biological Sciences

  1. Harvard University, USA
  2. Stanford University, USA
  3. Yale University, USA


  1. University of Science and Technology of China
  2. University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  3. Nanjing University, China

Earth and Environmental Sciences

  1. Nanjing University
  2. Peking University, China
  3. Sun Yat-Sen University, China

Health Sciences

  1. Harvard University
  2. University of Toronto, Canada
  3. University of California San Francisco, USA

Physical Sciences

  1. Tsinghua University, China
  2. University of Science and Technology of China
  3. Nanjing University.



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