US News Releases Global Rankings

The US News has announced the latest edition of its Best Global Universities. This follows a long delay resulting from controversies over the agency’s American law and medical school rankings.

This is a research-based ranking that does not attempt to measure teaching quality or social impact.  There are 13 indicators: Global research reputation, Regional research reputation, Publications, Books, Conferences, Normalized citation impact, Total citations, Publications among the 10% most cited, Percentage of publications among the 10% most cited, International collaboration, International collaboration relative to country, Papers among 1% most cited, and Percentage of publications among 1% most cited.

There are more than 2000 universities included in this year’s ranking, with the largest number, 396, coming from China. Asian cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Seoul are now massive education hubs, each having more than twenty world-class universities. As might be expected, Harvard continues to lead while the top ten contains seven US and three British institutions.

Asian universities are improving rapidly, and Tsinghua University, Beijing, although ranked 16th overall, now holds first place in several cutting-edge disciplines: Artificial Intelligence, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Energy and Fuels, Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environment/Ecology, and Materials Science.



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