Shanghai Sports Ranking: Strong Showing by Scandinavia and Australia

Shanghai Ranking has announced the latest ranking of Sport Science Schools and Departments. Institutions included are sport universities or sport related units that have published a certain number of Web of Science papers.

The indicators are:

  • Papers cited in the Web of Science
  • Citations to Papers
  • Citations per Paper
  • Papers published in the top 25% journals
  • Percentage of papers with international collaboration.

The best performing countries are the USA with 43 schools in the top 200, the UK with 33, Australia with 20, Canada with 17, and Spain and Germany with 9 each. First place is held by the University of Copenhagen (Department of Nutrition, Exercise, and Sports and Institute of Sports Medicine), which has risen rapidly from 15th place in 2016)

The top ten institutions (or departments or schools within them) are:

1. University of Copenhagen, Denmark
2. Norwegian School of Sport Sciences
3. Deakin University, Australia
4. University of Verona, Italy
5. Loughborough University, UK
6. University of Queensland, Australia
7. University of Southern Denmark
8. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands
9=  University of Jyvskyla, Finland
9=  Victoria University, Australia.


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