Will This be the Decade of Asian Higher Education?

An article by Louise Nicol of the Asia Careers Group in University World News argues that the 2020s will be the decade of Asian higher education. She notes that universities in Hong Kong are performing well internationally, with five in the QS World University Rankings top one hundred. Singapore and Malaysia are also rising in these rankings while China and India both have the potential to become global education hubs.

There is also a significant trend for Asian countries to become centres of inward and outward international mobility. China and India are both attracting large numbers of students from Africa, often with the support of generous scholarships. Southeast Asia is also poised to become a major hub with the help of policies promoting student mobility and international collaboration.

In addition, current policies in countries such as the UK and Australia are shifting towards global employability as a criterion of university excellence and universities and employers are likely to focus on the opportunities and job markets of the expanding Asian economies. One sign of this is the forthcoming Universities UK event that will highlight international graduate employability.

University World News

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