Webometrics Publishes Google Scholar Ranking

The Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC), publisher of the Webometrics rankings, has released the new edition of its ranking of universities according to the Google Scholar Citation profiles of their top researchers. The latest ranking indicates that American and, to a lesser extent, British and Canadian universities remain well in the lead for research influence. The ranking is based on the top 110 individual public profiles with the top 10 excluded in order to remove outliers.

Russian and Turkish universities are not counted because websites have been using Webometrics data without permission.

The top universities are: 1.  Harvard University, 2.  Stanford University, 3.  University of California Berkeley,4.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 5.  University of California San Diego, 6.  University of Cambridge, 7.   Columbia University, 8.  University of Oxford, 9.  University of California Los Angeles, 10. University of Pennsylvania.

The top universities in the world’s ten most populous countries with total citations, excluding Russia, are:

China; Tsinghua university 1,665,824

India; Indian Institute of Technology Bombay 496,254

USA; Harvard University 8,361,676

Indonesia; Universitas Gadjah Mada 181,823

Pakistan; Quaid -I- Azam University 143,450

Brazil; Universidade de Sao Pāulo 412,703

Nigeria; University of Nigeria 112,787

Bangladesh; University of Dhaka 81,769

Mexico; Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México 1,131,806

Japan; University of Kyoto 1,245,755.

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