Journal Quality List Analyses Economics and Business Journals

The massive expansion of scholarly and scientific journals in recent decades has been a serious headache for researchers and administrators who have to distinguish between mediocre or poor publications and those of a high quality. A number of systems for ranking journals have appeared but this not completely resolved the problem since the various rankings need to be compared and interpreted.

The Journal Quality List, sometimes just known as the Harzing list, looks at academic journals in the broad fields of Economics, Finance, Accounting, management and Marketing. It has been compiled by Anne-Wil Harzing, currently professor of International Management at Middlesex University, since 2000. It is essentially a collation of rankings from a variety of institutions and organizations of journals in 16 subjects relevant to Management and Business. These include Economics, International Business, Finance, Marketing, Operations Research, Psychology, and Sociology. The latest list, the 67th, was published last June

The rankings currently used are produced by universities and organizations in Australia, German speaking countries, the Netherlands, Australia, Denmark, France, and the UK. Journals are listed alphabetically, by ISSN and by subject with the rank or ratings of each journal in the various rankings.

The objective is to help researchers find journals of an appropriate standard and not to promote “mechanistic” staff evaluation. The list is essentially a synthesis of 13 different rankings covering more than 900 journals.

The list is regarded as an invaluable resource by scholars working in the relevant fields although it might perhaps be regarded as rather Eurocentric.


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