New Highly Cited Researchers List Published

Clarivate Analytics just published the latest list of Highly Cited Researchers. Although much criticised, the list is very influential and is an indicator in the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU).

There has been increased emphasis on detecting research misconduct such as checking for retracted papers, excessive self-citation or group citation, and implausibly high levels of publication. This year about 550 potential Highly Cited Researchers were excluded for these and other reasons.

This year’s list contains 6,938 names. The largest number is from the United States with 2,764, which represents a decline of five percent since 2018. China has 1,169 researchers in the list, an increase of over eight percent over four years.

The top ten countries for number of researchers also includes the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland. all of whom have declined since 2018, and Australia, Canada, and Singapore, which have risen.

The top ten institutions for Highly Cited Researchers are:

  1. Harvard University, USA  233
  2. Chinese Academy of Sciences  228
  3. Stanford University, USA  126
  4. National Institutes of Health, USA  113
  5. Tsinghua University, China  73
  6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA 71
  7. Max Planck Society, Germany  67
  8. University of San Diego California, USA  66
  9. University of Oxford, UK  63
  10. University of Pennsylvania, USA




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