US News Best Colleges 2022

The latest edition of the US News Best Colleges has just been published. Now in its 37th year, it has long dominated the US ranking industry, although in recent years there has been debate over its validity and fairness.

The methodology has changed significantly over the years and a number of changes have been introduced in the current edition. The indicator weights for national universities and liberal arts colleges are:

Graduation and retention rates 22%

Graduation rate performance 8%

Social mobility 5%

Undergraduate academic reputation 20%

Faculty resources 20%

Student selectivity 7%

Financial resources 10%

Alumni giving 3%

Graduate indebtedness 5%.


The top institutions in each of various categories are:

National universities; Princeton University, New Jersey

National liberal arts colleges; Williams College, Massachusetts

Public national universities; University of California Los Angeles

Public national liberal arts colleges; US Naval Academy, Maryland

Best value; Yale University, Connecticut

Undergraduate engineering programs (schools with doctorates) Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Historically black colleges and universities; Spelman College, Georgia

Undergraduate business programs; University of Pennsylvania.



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