URAP Subject Rankings Show Divided Research World

University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) was first published by the Informatics Institute of the Middle East Technical University, Ankara, in 2009. It is a research-based ranking that includes six indicators: Articles, Citations, Total Documents, Total Article Impact, Total Citation Impact, and International Collaboration. The data is derived from InCites and in this year’s edition refers to the period 2013-17 except for Articles, a measure of current scientific productivity, which is restricted to 2017.

The 2020 subject rankings show that engineering research is overwhelmingly dominated by Chinese universities. Eight of the top ten universities in Engineering are located in Mainland China and two in Singapore.  Eight of the top ten in Aerospace Engineering, five in Chemical Engineering, five in Electrical Engineering, six in Industrial Engineering, and seven in Mechanical Engineering are Chinese.

Tsinghua University is first in all of these fields except for Industrial Engineering which is led by Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

With regard to the humanities and social sciences the situation is quite different. Research in these subjects is dominated by English-speaking and Western European universities. There are no Chinese or Asian universities in the top ten for Anthropology, Economics, History, Philosophy, Language, Communication and Culture, Studies in Human Society, or Sociology.

The top position in these subjects is held by University of Cambridge for History, University of Oxford for Philosophy, and Studies in Human Society, University of Amsterdam for Language, Communication and Culture, University of Michigan for Sociology, and University College London for Anthropology.

It seems that the world of research is becoming bipolar with China and East Asia dominating the applied sciences while the humanities and social sciences are still led by the West


University ranking by Academic Performance

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