CWUR Rankings Measure Graduate and Faculty Quality

The latest edition of the rankings published by the Center for World University Rankings has just been published. These rankings are unusual in that they attempt to measure faculty and graduate quality. They provide information that other rankings ignore but only for a limited number of universities. They are now published from the United Arab Emirates.

There are four indicators:

  • Quality of Education (25%) measured by alumni winning academic awards
  • Alumni Employment (25%) measured by alumni who hold top executive posts
  • Quality of Faculty (10%) measured by faculty who have won major awards
  • Research Performance (40%) measured by number of research papers, papers in top tier journals and highly influential journals, and highly cited papers.

This year’s ranking is again dominated by the academic anglosphere. Harvard is in first place followed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford. The top twenty contains sixteen US schools, three British (Oxford, Cambridge and UCL) and the University of Tokyo.

French institutions do well in these rankings. There are four in the top 50, led by PSL University, which is 21st overall and 18th for Quality of Education. Paris-Saclay University is 32nd overall and 11th for Research Performance.

In contrast, China is seriously underrepresented. Although Mainland universities do well for Research Performance — Tsinghua is 29th and Peking 33rd — none get a score of any sort for Quality of Faculty and only six are ranked for Quality of Education. Overall, the best performance of any Chinese university is Tsinghua in 58th place.





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