New Subject Rankings from RUR

Round University Rankings (RUR), whose legal address is now in Tblisi, Georgia, have published the latest edition of their subject rankings. These are   based on the world rankings, with a significant change that the financial indicators refer only to research income rather than a combination of research and total income. They include four groups of indicators derived from public sources and institutional and survey data collected from Clarivate Analytics.

The current groups, each of which has five indicators, are:

Teaching (40% weighting)

Research  (40%)

International Diversity (10%)

Financial Sustainability (10%).

The top universities in each subject category are:

Humanities; University of Pennsylvania, USA

Life Sciences; Harvard University, USA

Medical Sciences; Northwestern University, USA

Natural Sciences; California Institute of Technology (Caltech), USA

Social Sciences; ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Technical Sciences, California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

A key feature of these rankings is that they provide ranks for 20 indicators. It is therefore possible to obtain a detailed analysis of the specific strengths and weaknesses of institutions. For example, although Caltech is the top university in two subject groups, there are significant areas of weakness. In the Social Sciences and Humanities, it gets low ranks for doctoral degrees awarded, international collaboration, and research income.



RUR Round University Ranking

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