Moscow Three University Missions Ranking (MosIUR) 2021

The “Three Missions” ranking assesses, for the first time the third — public — mission of a university, along with science and education. The ranking is based on objective criteria, and does not depend on expert voting. Instead of surveys, it uses official published data from universities, as well as data from reputable international information providers (Clarivate Analytics, Alexa, Class Central etc.). The overall weight of indicators is 45% Education, 25% Research, and 30%  the Third mission (University and Society).

The Three University Missions ranking has been expanded to 1.650 higher education institutions in 2021. The USA is most widely represented in the ranking (239 universities) with China on the second (144) and Russia on the third place (112), followed by Great Britain (106). Altogether 97 countries and territories are represented in the 2021 ranking.

Ranking leaders per region:

  • North America — Harvard (1st place)
  • Western Europe — Cambridge (3rd)
  • Asia — University of Tokyo (12th)
  • Central and Eastern Europe — Lomonosov Moscow State University (19th)
  • Australia and Oceania — University of Melbourne (40th)
  • Latin America — National Autonomous University of Mexico (117th)
  • Africa — University of Cape Town (161st)


For more details, please visit the MosIUR multilingual website:

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