THE World Rankings Results Announced

Times Higher Education (THE) has released the results of their latest World University Rankings. It looks as though this will be the last ranking under the methodology that has been used since 2010, and next year’s may look rather different.

The overall first place goes to Oxford, followed by followed by Harvard, Cambridge, Stanford, and MIT. Meanwhile Chinese universities continue to make progress and THE reports that universities in Africa and the Middle East have made significant progress.

While the results for Teaching and Research are unremarkable, those for Citations, International Outlook, and Industry Income may be controversial.

The current methodology is based on 13 indicators grouped into five pillars as follows:

  • Teaching (the learning environment)
  • Research (volume income, and reputation)
  • Citations (research influence)
  • International outlook (staff, students, research)
  • Industry income (knowledge transfer).

The top three universities for each pillar are:


  1. Harvard University, USA
  2. Stanford University, USA
  3. Yale University, USA.


  1. University of Oxford, UK
  2. University of Cambridge, UK
  3. Harvard University.


  1. Arak University of Medical Sciences, Iran
  2. Çankaya University, Turkey
  3. Duy Tan University, Vietnam.

International outlook

  1. Macau University of Science and Technology
  2. City University of Hong Kong
  3. Università della Svizzera italiana.

Industry Income

  1. Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
  2. Koç University, Turkey
  3. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology


Times Higher Education

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