Best US Universities for Coders

CodeSignal is a technical assessment platform that has just released its first university ranking report based on the coding skills of Computer Science students in the USA. The report presents the top 30 universities where students get top scores in CodeSignal’s General Coding Assessment (GCA), which is taken by about half of all US Computer Science graduates. It also indicates those universities where students received a perfect score.

The report notes that several universities included in the US News ranking of top undergraduate engineering programmes are not found here. In contrast, lowly ranked or unranked universities such as Miami University, Drexel University, University of Oklahoma and SUNY Stony Brook do very well here.

The top ten universities are:

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  2. Miami University of Ohio
  3. Carnegie Mellon university
  4. SUNY Stony Brook
  5. Columbia University
  6. University of Chicago
  7. Rice University
  8. University of Oklahoma
  9. Drexel University
  10. California State University Sacramento.



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CODESIGNAL University Ranking report

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