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The world’s business schools have been through a period of rapid change following the pandemic. They have been forced to develop new tools for online learning and have nurtured a growing concern for sustainability and diversity.

An article by Dimitra Kessenides in Bloomberg UK reports on the emergence of global business schools from the problems and constraints of the recent crisis and examines how they are reflected in the latest business school rankings.

In the US B-School rankings the first place is held by Stanford, followed by Chicago and Harvard. Stanford also leads for Compensation, Networking, and Entrepreneurship. For Learning the leading school is William and Mary College, and for Diversity, Howard University.

The methodology is based on four criteria: Compensation, Learning, Networking, and Entrepreneurship. Diversity is also a criterion in the US,

Business education in the Asia-Pacific region is dominated by India and greater China. The top six business schools are Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Hong Kong, the China Europe International Business School, the National University of Singapore, the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, and the Indian School of Business. IMD, Switzerland, and Western lead in Europe and Canada respectively.



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