THE Announces New Africa Ranking

Times Higher Education (THE) has just announced that it is preparing a bespoke university ranking for Sub-Saharan Africa. It will be launched in collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation and will be based on five pillars: access and fairness, Africa impact, teaching skills, student engagement, and resources and finance.

According to a report in Times Higher Education, 121 universities have participated and 88 will be ranked. Results will be announced at the forthcoming THE Sub-Saharan Africa Universities Forum at the University of Ashesi in Ghana next June.

The indicators will refer to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the African Union’s Agenda 2063 and cover teaching, research, and impact.

According to THE, the new ranking “draws on decades of best practice from THE, including THE’s Impact Rankings, which show how the global higher education sector is working towards the UN SDGs and will include a survey of student experience.”


Times Higher Education



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