GreenMetric Ranking Reveals Sustainable Universities

The GreenMetric World University Ranking has been produced since 2010 by Universitas Indonesia. Its objective is to evaluate the commitment and contribution of world universities to a sustainable environment. Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands is in first place, unchanged since last year, followed by the University of Oxford and the University of California Davis. The upper levels of the ranking generally show little change although there a few surprises. For example, Leiden university has risen from 24th to 7th.

The distribution of universities is very uneven. There are only two universities from China and two from Sub-Saharan Africa. In contrast the ranking includes 75 Indonesian and 20 Malaysian institutions.

The overall score combines the scores for the following indicators: Setting and Infrastructure, Energy and Climate Change, Waste, Water, Transportation, and Education and Research.

The top ten universities are:

  1. Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands
  2. University of Oxford, UK
  3. University of California Davis, USA
  4. University of Nottingham, UK
  5. Nottingham Trent University, UK
  6. Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld, Germany
  7. Leiden University, Netherlands
  8. University of Groningen, Netherlands
  9. University College Cork, Ireland
  10. Bangor University, UK.

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