US News Publishes Biggest Online Rankings

The current pandemic crisis has created massive interest in online teaching and learning. The US News ranking of online programs, which is now in its tenth year of publication, is therefore essential reading for students and other stakeholders.

The newspaper has just announced its latest ranking of online programs. There are tables for bachelor’s degrees and for master’s degrees in business, education, nursing, engineering, computer and information technology, criminal justice, and MBA. Altogether, 1,641 programs were assessed this year. Blended learning programs and those that were moved online in the wake of the pandemic were excluded.

The methodology for the graduate program rankings is based on Engagement, Expert Opinion, Faculty Credentials and Training, Services and Technologies, and Student Excellence with different weightings for each subject. The indicators for the bachelor’s degree ranking include Graduation Rates, Faculty Credentials, and Remote Services.

The best programs in each category are:

Online Bachelor’s; Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide

Online MBA; Carnegie Mellon University and University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (tie)

Online Business; University of Southern California

Education; University of Florida

Nursing; Rush University and University of South Carolina

Information Technology; Columbia University

Criminal Justice; University of California Irvine.


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