University of Washington Leads Webometrics Ranking

The Ranking Web of Universities (or Webometrics) is one of the oldest of the current global rankings and the most comprehensive, now ranking over 30,000 institutions. It measures web activity and research output.

There are three indicators this year compared to the usual four as the PRESENCE indicator has been discontinued.

The other three indicators are:

VISIBILITY (50% weighting); number of external networks linking to webpages

TRANSPARENCY (or OPENNESS) (10%); number of citations in Google Scholar Citations individual profiles by top 210 authors with top 20 outliers excluded

EXCELLENCE (or SCHOLAR) (40%); number of papers in the top 10% most cited in 26 disciplines.

Several Chinese and elite US and UK institutions have been excluded from the Openness indicator, apparently because of bad practices in the compilation of Google Scholar Citations profiles. As a result, Harvard has fallen to 13th place in the overall ranking, Stanford to 28th, Oxford to 67th, Tsinghua 159th and Peking to 216th.

The top five overall, all in the USA, are:

  1. University of Washington
  2. Cornell University
  3. Johns Hopkins University
  4. Yale University
  5. University of California San Diego.

The top universities in selected regions are:

Latin America; Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Europe; ETH Zurich

Asia; University of Tokyo

Africa; University of Cape Town

Arab world; King Saud University

Oceania; University of Melbourne

BRICS: Sun Yat Sen University (Zhongshan University)

Caribbean; Universidad de Puerto Rico

South Asia; Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Central and Eastern Europe; Charles University in Prague.


Ranking Web of Universities

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