Iraq National University Rankings

The Nab’a Al-Hayat Foundation of Iraq has just announced the publication of its national university rankings. These provide data going back to 2008, when there is data for only two universities, the University of Baghdad and the University of Mosul.

The methodology is based on five groups of thirteen indicators:

  • Teaching (40%)
  • Research (40%)
  • International standing (10%)
  • Compliance with SDGs (5%)
  • Income (5%)

The top ten universities in this year’s table are:

1.  University of Baghdad

2=   University of Mosul

2=   University of Babylon

4. University of Technology

5=   Sallahaddin University Erbil

5=   University of Basrah

7=   Mustansiriyah University

7=   University of al Qadisiyah

9.  University of Sulaimani

10. Soran University.

The University of Baghdad is the best university for the number of papers, number of citations and H-Index although it drops to seventh place for citations per paper where Sallahadin University takes the lead.

The ranking provides some interesting insights into the state of Iraqi research. There is, for example a disparity in the degree of self-citation ranking from 50% of publications for Al Ayen University to 0% for the Islamic University and 1% for Sallahaddin University.

Similarly, there is great variation in international collaboration, evidenced by the percentage of papers with an international contributor ranging from 78% for the Islamic University to 12% for the University of Fallujah.



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