Times Higher Education Lists International Universities

Times Higher Education (THE) has published a ranking of the world’s most international universities. The data is derived from the three components of the intentional orientation cluster of the THE World University Rankings, International Faculty, International Students, and International Research Collaboration, plus a measure of international reputation derived from the academic teaching and research surveys in the rankings. British, Australian, Canadian, Swiss, and Hong Kong universities are prominent in the top one hundred of these rankings. Russia, China and the United States perform less well on this criterion.

The top ten international universities are:

1. City University of Hong Kong

2. University of Hong Kong

3. École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

4. ETH Zurich

5. Chinese University of Hong Kong

6. Imperial College London

7=  National University of Singapore

7=  University of Oxford

9. University of Cambridge

10. Nanyang Technological University.

It should be noted that faculty, students and researchers from Mainland China are considered international in Hong Kong universities.

The most international universities in the BRICS countries are:

China; Peking University

India; Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Russia; Tomsk State University

South Africa; University of Cape Town

Brazil; University of São Paulo

Times Higher Education

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