NTU Rankings Chart Long-Term

The NTU Rankings, officially known as the Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities, are now produced by the National Taiwan University. They are a research ranking with eight indicators grouped in three criteria:

  • Research Productivity; including the number of articles over eleven years and in the current year
  • Research Impact; including number of citations in the last eleven years and the last two years and the average number of citations in the last eleven years
  • Research Excellence; including h-index in the last two years, the number of highly cited papers over the last eleven years, and the number of articles in high impact journals in the current year.

The top of these rankings is dominated by North American and British universities. In first place this year is Harvard, as it has been ever since 2007, followed by Stanford, University College London, Oxford, and Johns Hopkins.

The top universities for fields are:

Agriculture; Wageningen University, Netherlands

Engineering; Tsinghua University. China

Life Sciences; Harvard University, USA

Medicine; Harvard University

Natural Sciences; Tsinghua University

Social Sciences; Harvard University.

A comparison with the field rankings for 2008 suggests that the University of California is experiencing a long-term decline. In 2008 the University of California Davis held first place for Agriculture, and the University of California Berkeley for Engineering and Natural Sciences.



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