US News Changes Law School Rankings

The US News has announced that it will introduce significant changes to its influential law school rankings. It Is likely that the changes will influence other rankings by the publisher and possibly other ranking agencies. Already Harvard Medical School has declared that it will not submit data for the medical school rankings.

This followed an announcement by several leading American law schools that they would shun or boycott the US News rankings by not submitting data. The Dean of Yale Law School claimed that the magazine’s methodology was “profoundly flawed” and discouraged schools from providing need-based aid, creating pathways to public service careers and admitting working-class students.

The US News has declared that for forthcoming rankings it will use publicly available data regardless of schools’ contributing to the annual survey. It will, however, give a full weighting to fellowships offered by the schools, and to students entering postgraduate programmes. There will be a review of indicators related to expenditure, peer review, and student debt.




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