Shanghai Subject Rankings

Shanghai Ranking has released its annual subject rankings. There are 58 rankings in Natural Sciences, Engineering, Life Sciences, Medical Sciences, and Social Sciences.

The rankings are based on five metrics relevant to each academic subject:

  • Number of papers in the first quartile for Journal Impact Factor
  • Normalized citation impact
  • Percentage of internationally co-authored papers
  • Number of papers in top journals and conferences
  • Number of staff receiving significant awards.

The publication threshold for each subject varied from 25 to 300 papers for period 2015-2019 and the number of listed universities in each subject from 50 to 500

The university with the highest number of first places was Harvard with 15, followed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with six. There were two universities with two first places, University of Colorado at Boulder and Oxford.

The rankings indicate that the field of Engineering is now dominated by a broad range of Chinese universities including Xidian University in Telecommunication Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology in Instruments Science and Technology and Central South University in Mining and Mineral Engineering.

In contrast American and European universities such as Harvard, Chicago, Amsterdam, and Aarhus continue to perform well in the social sciences.




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