Publication of UI GreenMetric Results

The UI GreenMetric University Ranking is produced by Universitas Indonesia and assesses university contributions to sustainability. It began in 2010 with 95 universities and now covers 1185 institutions in 84 countries. The 2023 UI GreenMetric Rankings was announced in Dubai on December 5th, 2023.

There are six indicators based on data submitted by universities:

  • Settings and Infrastructure (weighting 15%)
  • Energy and Climate Change (21%)
  • Waste (18%)
  • Water (10%)
  • Transportation (18%)
  • Education and research (18%).

The distribution of participants is very uneven. The current rankings include 143 universities from Indonesia, 98 from Türkiye, 7f from Iraq, 48 from Russia, and 43 from Brazil.

In contrast, there are only a few North American and Western European institutions and just two from France and one from China.

The top five universities overall are:

  1. Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands
  2. Nottingham Trent University, UK
  3. Umwelt-campus Birkenfeld (Trier University of Applied Sciences), Germany
  4. University of Groningen, Netherlands
  5. University of California Davis, USA.

The top universities in each of the criteria are:

  • Setting and Infrastructure; Universidad Autonoma De Yucatan, Mexico
  • Energy and Climate Change; Luiss University, Italy
  • Waste; Dublin City University, Ireland
  • Water; Dublin City University
  • Transportation; Leiden University, Netherlands
  • Education and research; Universita Di Bologna, Italy.


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