Latest Round University Ranking (from Tbilisi)

The Round University Ranking was originally based in Russia but have moved to Tbilisi, Georgia. However, it still seems to be perceived as a Russian ranking since it has been subject to Western sanctions, including cutting off survey and bibliometric data from Clarivate.

There are twenty indicators grouped into four categories:

Teaching (40%); including academic staff, doctoral degrees, online visibility

Research (40%); including citations, graduate degrees, social media

International Diversity (10%); including academic staff, students, co-authored papers,

Financial Sustainability (10%); institutional and research income.

Bibliometric data is now derived from, while social media data from Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms is used instead of survey data.

The current rankings show Harvard in first place overall, followed by Stanford and Caltech. Peking University has moved into fourth place ahead of MIT and Johns Hopkins. Imperial College London, in eighth place, is now ahead of Oxford and Cambridge.

The top universities by indicator group are:

Teaching; Stanford University, USA

Research; Harvard University, USA

International Diversity; University of New South Wales, Australia

Financial Sustainability; Rockefeller University, USA


The top universities by region are:

Africa; University of Cape Town, South Africa

Asia; Peking University, China

Europe, Imperial College London, UK

Latin America; University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Oceania; University of Sydney, Australia.



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