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27 January 2015

Times Higher Education (THE) has produced a list of the world’s most international universities. This is based on the International Outlook group of indicators in the World University Rankings, published last October, which assigns equal weightings to the percentage of students who are international, the percentage of faculty who are international, and the percentage of papers with at least one international collaborator.

26 January 2015

The 2nd Academicus event Maribor that took place at the University of Maribor between January 19th – 20th, 2015, in co-organisation between the IREG Observatory, Jiao Tong University Shanghai and University of Maribor attracted 75 participants from different states, especially the neighbouring states of Slovenia Italy, Croatia and Austria, but also from farer states, as Saudi Arabia and India.

22 January 2015

Univeritas Indonesia has produced the fifth edition of its UI GreenMetric World Universities Rankings, which measure “universities efforts towards campus sustainability and environment friendly university management..” The rankings began in 2010 following a conference in Indonesia in 2009. The criteria are Setting and Infrastructure, Energy and Climate Change, Waste, Water and Transportation. A total of 360 universities from 62 countries were ranked. Participation is entirely voluntary and there were no Korean or Mainland Chinese universities in the rankings.

19 January 2015

US News (USN) has released data, analysed by Robert Morse and Diane Tolis, showing how efficiently colleges and universities use their financial resources. The methodology is to divide the total score in the America’s Best Colleges rankings by the money spent per student. Top of the list among national universities was Miami University in Ohio which spent $383.66 per student for each point on the best colleges rankings.

IREG Initiatives

The purpose of the IREG Ranking Audit, conducted by independent experts, is to verify and attest that ranking under review is done professionally, with a transparent methodology, observes good practices and responds to a need for relevant information of various stakeholders, in particular students, higher education institutions, employers and policy makers.


National and international academic rankings play ever increasing role as a barometer of quality of higher education institutions. The purpose of "IREG Inventory of National Rankings" is to collect and make available on the IREG Observatory website information on the current state and scope of this important group of rankings.


News from IREG Members

PERSPEKTYWY: Conference - Foreign Students in Poland 2015

Over 240 rectors, vice rectors and international officers representing 80 universities and 25 organizations supporting higher education came to the annual conference Foreign Students in Poland 2015 organized by Perspektywy Education Foundation and Rectors' Conference (CRASP) and hosted by the Marie Curie-Sklodowski University in Lublin 22-23 January 2015.


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