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Considering the importance and growing role of international university rankings, IREG Observatory on Academic Rankings and Excellence plans to prepare and publish "IREG Inventory on International Rankings (Global and Regional)" on the IREG Observatory website and present it at international conferences.

The Perspektywy Education Foundation has been trusted with the task of preparing the Inventory as it has several years of experience in preparing and analyzing academic rankings. Perspektywy was responsible for preparing and publishing the "IREG Inventory of National University Rankings"

General assumption of the "IREG Inventory on International Rankings:

  • Only those rankings with the latest edition published on or after 2014 will be included.
  • In general, only rankings that have been published twice will be considered.
  • Regional sub-rankings extracted directly from the global rankings will not be included.
  • The principles listed in the "IREG Guidelines for Stakeholders of Academic Rankings" will be used as a reference in interpreting the scope and specifics of ranking.

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