14 January 2020

Although it has not fulfilled its early promise online higher education continues to grow. At the moment the leader in the ranking of online programmes is the US News & World Report (USN). The latest USN online rankings include US bachelor’s programs and master’s programs in Business, Computer Information Technology, Criminal Justice/Criminology, Engineering, Education and Nursing. Altogether over 1,600 programs have been evaluated this year. Data are derived from a peer reputation survey and information provided by the programs.

09 January 2020

An article in the PIE (Professionals in International Education) News by Kerrie Kennedy has discussed a report from Cturtlle based on a survey of the views of international students mainly in the UK with a smaller number from continental Europe. Fifty-seven per cent said that that “university ranking” was the most important reason for studying in the UK and 52% for studying in Europe. Other reasons were “location” (51% and 50%), price (41% and 38%), job opportunities (18% and 28%), and “alumni engagement” (10% and 12%).

05 January 2010 

Arab universities have not performed very well in the global rankings.  A few Saudi universities have reached the top of the Shanghai Rankings and Lebanese and Egyptian universities have made some impact in rankings such as CWUR and Scimago. The overall performance, however, is not impressive.

24 December 2019

The CSRankings show that China is on the way to dominate research in Artificial Intelligence.

These rankings are produced by Emery Berger, a Professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and are derived from dblp, an online database of computer science publications started by the University of Trier and now maintained by Schloss Dagstuhl–Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik at Saarland University.

17 December 2019

This year’s URAP ranking is headed by Harvard followed by the University of Toronto and University College London. Sorbonne University, formed in 2018 through a merger of Paris-Sorbonne University and Pierre et Marie Curie University, is now in 10th place, a significant improvement since last year when it was 17th. Another university that is rising rapidly is Tsinghua University in 12th place: last year it was 18th and in 2014-15 58th.  Three other Chinese universities, Shanghai Jiao Tong, Peking and Zhejiang are now in the top twenty.


Brazilian Association of Rectors of Public Universities, ANDIFES, honored IREG President Luiz Cláudio Costa.  In a tribute session celebrating the  30th anniversary of ANDIFES, the institution received its former presidents and other personalities who contributed to the history of the association throughout the 30 years. In a tribute session, the President of IREG Observatory and former rector of Federal University of Viçosa, former vice minister and minister of education in Brazil, Prof. Luiz Cláudio Costa received a certificate of recognition considering his dedication and hard work towards construction of the current system of federal universities in Brazil.

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