Emerging/Trendence Global University Employability Ranking

General information on ranking

Name of the ranking Emerging/Trendence Global University Employability Ranking
Geographical scope global
Status of the ranking independent
Name of person in charge of ranking Laurent Dupasquier
E-mail of person in charge of ranking laurent.dupasquier@emerging.fr
Website of the ranking www.emerging.fr
Publication frequency annual
First year of publication 2010
Most recent year of publication 2017
Ranking organization Emerging
Website of the methodology www.emerging.fr ; https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/c79bcd_4f0e13025f1b42808ed762db4f172054.pdf

Additional information

  • Type of publication: internet, print – magazine, newspaper: Times Higher Education
  • Internet users access to ranking: open access
  • Language of publication: English , French , Spanish
  • Main target groups: employers,higher education institutions,students and parents,
  • Level of comparison: institutional
  • Major dimensions covered: employability
  • Structure of presentation: ordinary presentation (league tables)
  • Data sources: third-party database (data not provided by HEI)
  • Quality assurance of ranking: periodic consultancy
  • Website of the ranking organization: http://www.emerging.fr

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