General information on ranking

Name of the ranking (in English) Le Figaro Business School Ranking
Name of the ranking (in original) Le Figaro Classement des Écoles de commerce
Scope of the ranking business school ranking
Website of the ranking
First year of publication 2012
Most recent year of publication 2023
Date of last update 2023-05-06
Publication frequency annual
Ranking organization Le Figaro
Methodology website

Le Figaro sent a questionnaire to the 38 business schools conferring the master's degree for their Grande Ecole program. The schools were evaluated on their academic excellence, their international influence and the employment of their graduates. 

Academic excellence

The following indicators are considered: the duration of the master's degree, the presence of very high-level teachers, the staffing rate and the school's research, through the publications of its teacher-researchers as well as its performance in Shanghai ranking.


The following indicators are considered: the rate of teacher-researchers with foreign degrees and the share of foreign graduates, the international mobility of students, counting the number of countries accessible for exchange as well as students in a double degree with an accredited university.

Relations with companies

The following indicators are taken into account: salaries after school, the reputation of the schools with employers, the turnover of the junior-company, the presence on professional networks (LinkedIn) and the number of alumni of the school winners of the Choiseul 200.

Additional information

  • Main target groups: higher education institutions, students and parents
  • Level of comparison: institutional: 37
  • Major dimensions covered: employability, internationalization, research, teaching
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