General information on ranking

Name of the ranking (in English) India’s Best Colleges
Name of the ranking (in original) India’s Best Colleges
Scope of the ranking ranking by subject
Website of the ranking
First year of publication 1997
Most recent year of publication 2022
Date of last update 2023-05-07
Publication frequency annual
Ranking organization India Today
Methodology website no methodology published on the ranking website

Every academic year, when the rush of college admissions in India commences and students and parents are gearing up to choose the best possible college to advance on their future endeavors, India's Best Colleges survey comes into play, making the lives of millions of students easier. The survey takes the technological and infrastructural factors into consideration while ranking the colleges.

India Today Group has been conducting the most authentic college ranking surveys for the past two decades.  In its most recent edition, the colleges have been ranked across 13 subjects – engineering, arts, fashion, science, social work, BBA, BCA, architecture, dental, hotel management, law, mass communication and medical.

Additional information

  • Main target groups: students and parents, higher education institutions
  • Level of comparison: subjects: 13
  • Major dimensions covered: teaching, student satisfaction
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