General information on ranking

Name of the ranking (in English) UnivPress Ranking
Name of the ranking (in original) UnivPress Ranking (until 2006 it was published as Felvi Ranking)
Scope of the ranking general ranking, ranking by subject
Name of person in charge of ranking Gyorgy Fabri
Website of the ranking
First year of publication 2002
Most recent year of publication 2021
Date of last update 2023-05-07
Publication frequency annual
Ranking organization TudásTárs kft
Methodology website

The UnivPress Ranking is a data-based ranking. It is of all faculties and institutions, based on the national educational databases, based on teaching and student indicators, independent of field of study, and their aggregation. Each sub-ranking is calculated by a simple comparison of the numerical values of the indicators, ranking the values in order, irrespective of the degree of difference between the scores.


  • Academic staff with PhD – number
  • Academic staff with PhD – ratio
  • Academic staff with degree by Hungarian Academy of Sciences – ratio
  • Academic staff with PhD / students – number
  • Applications priorized – number
  • Applicants with secondary school competition awards
  • Average points of those admitted 
  • Percentage with a language test admitted
  • Number of PhDs awarded
  • Ratio of University Student Competition Awarded 


UnivPress publishes also subject rankings:

  • The Best IT Programs
  • The Best Teacher Training Univeristies and Colleges
  • The Best Medical Universities
  • The Best Faculties of Humanities
  • The Best Economics Universites 


There are also special rankings published which are focused on the admission performance. They are prepared in five areas. For more information, see:


Additional information

  • Main target groups: students and parents, higher education institutions, policy makers, governments and funding agencies
  • Level of comparison: institutional: 26
  • Major dimensions covered: reputation, research, teaching, student and teacher excellence
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