General information on ranking

Name of the ranking (in English) Best Chinese Universities Ranking
Name of the ranking (in original) Best Chinese Universities Ranking
Scope of the ranking general ranking
Name of person in charge of ranking Lu Wang
Website of the ranking
First year of publication 2015
Most recent year of publication 2023
Date of last update 2023-05-06
Publication frequency annual
Ranking organization ShanghaiRanking Consultancy
Methodology website no methodology published on the ranking website

Best Chinese Universities Ranking (BCUR) 2023 considers all universities included on the list of universities that can grant bachelor’s degrees recognized by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.

The universities ranked in BCUR 2023 include:

1) Universities which have undergraduates graduated in 2021.

2) Universities with a minimum number of 100 teaching staff.

Universities are ranked in 12 separate rankings:

  • Best Chinese Universities Ranking
  • Ranking of Chinese Medical Universities
  • Ranking of Chinese Financial and Economic Universities
  • Ranking of Chinese Language Universities
  • Ranking of Chinese Political Science and Law Universities
  • Ranking of Chinese National Universities
  • Ranking of Chinese Sport Science Universities
  • List of Chinese Art Universities
  • Ranking of Chinese Cooperation Universities
  • Ranking of Chinese Non-government Universities 
  • Ranking of Chinese Non-government Language Universities 
  • Ranking of Chinese Non-government Financial and Economic Universities 


The main ranking of BCUR 2023 contains ten main metrics tailored for evaluating the performance of public universities in the context of China, including:

  • education level,
  • academic level,
  • education resources,
  • faculty, 
  • teaching and learning,
  • scientific research,
  • social service,
  • academic talents,
  • major projects and achievements,
  • internationalization.

Additional information

  • Main target groups: students and parents, higher education institutions
  • Level of comparison: institutional: between 7 and 590 (depending on the ranking)
  • Major dimensions covered: employability, internationalization, research, social engagement, teaching
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