General information on ranking

Name of the ranking (in English) Maclean’s University Programs Rankings
Name of the ranking (in original) Maclean’s University Programs Rankings
Scope of the ranking specific program ranking
Name of person in charge of ranking Mary Dwyer
Website of the ranking
First year of publication 2016
Most recent year of publication 2022
Date of last update 2023-05-05
Publication frequency annual
Ranking organization Maclean’s Magazine
Methodology website

Maclean’s University Programs Rankings assess quality and research from a reputation perspective. In each edition different areas in the sciences and social sciences are ranked.This year in its seventh annual program rankings these are:

Business programs:

Computer science programs:

Education programs:

Engineering programs:

Nursing programs:

Each year, for the purpose of its Programs Rankings, Maclean’s contacts faculty and senior administrators at universities across Canada, seeking their views in an online survey. Academics are asked if their area of expertise is in any of the discipline which is ranked. If so, the respondents are asked to list up to 10 universities that they felt offered the best programs and conducted the best research in their discipline. In the end, for the purpose of 2023 edition 800 professors, deans and chairs at 70 universities responded.

The tables show the results for the top 20 universities in each program area, based on the survey results. The program reputation column and the research reputation column show how each university placed on those two questions among all the schools surveyed. Program reputation and research reputation contributed equally to the final results, both were weighted at 50%.

Additional information

  • Main target groups: students and parents, higher education institutions
  • Level of comparison: study programs – in total 100 (top 20 universities in each program area)
  • Major dimensions covered: reputation, research, teaching
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