General information on ranking

Name of the ranking RUR Round University Ranking
Geographical scope Global
Name of person in charge of ranking Oleg Solovyev
E-mail of person in charge of ranking
Website of the ranking
Publication frequency annual
First year of publication 2010
Most recent year of publication 2020
Date of last update 2021-08-26
Ranking organization RUR Rankings Agency
Website of the methodology

The RUR Round University Ranking is published by the RUR Ranking Agency based in Moscow, Russia. All raw data for ranking is provided by Clarivate Analytics. RUR Ranking uses 20 indicators grouped into four areas: teaching, research, international diversity and financial sustainability.


Academic staff per students (8%)

Academic staff per bachelor degrees awarded (8%)

Doctoral degrees awarded per academic staff (8%)

Doctoral degrees awarded per bachelor degrees awarded (8%)

World teaching reputation (8%) – This indicator is based on the Academic Reputation Survey conducted by Clarivate Analytics. A respondent is asked to select up to 15 universities, which he/she considers the most powerful in teaching. Participation in the survey is possible only by invitation.


Citations per academic and research staff (8%) - The number of citations of all University’s scientific publication authors for a certain period of time divided by the number of academic staff and researchers who worked at the university for a certain year. When counting the number of publications, only «Articles», «Reviews» and «Notes» indexed by Web of Science Core Collection’s bibliometric system are taken into account.

Doctoral degrees awarded per admitted PhD (8%)

Normalized citation impact (8%) -  Normalized Citation Impact (NCI) shows the ratio of average citation of university publications per average citation in the world, type of publication and subject area for a similar time interval. 

Papers per academic and research staff (8%) - This indicator reflects the level of scientific productivity of the organization that is the ratio of the number of publications to the number of teachers and researchers.

World research reputation (8%) - Indicator is based on the Academic Reputation Survey conducted by Clarivate Analytics. Participation in the survey is possible only by invitation. A respondent is asked to selekt up to 15 higher education institutions, which he/she considers as leading in terms of the level of research conducted on the subject categories that the respondent indicated at the beginning of the survey.


Share of international academic staff (2%)

Share of international students (2%)

Share of international co-authored papers (2%) - The proportion of publications with at least one foreign co-author in the total number of publications of the university. 

Reputation outside region (2%) - This indicator shows the reputation of the institution outside the geographical region of the university's location. The average value (the number of respondents' votes) of reputation in both Teaching and Research outside the region is taken into account.

International level (2%) - The average score of the four INTERNATIONAL DIVERSITY indicators.


Institutional income per academic staff (2%)

Institutional income per students (2%)

Papers per research income (2%)

Research income per academic and research staff (2%)

Research income per institutional income (2%) - The share of the research budget in the general budget of the university.

Additional information

  • Type of publication: internet
  • Internet users access to ranking: open access
  • Language of publication: English
  • Main target groups: higher education institutions, policymakers, governments and funding agencies, students and parents
  • Level of comparison: broad fields, institutional
  • Major dimensions covered: internationalization, research, teaching
  • Structure of presentation: multi-indicator ranking, ordinary presentation (league tables)
  • Data sources: data collected from HEIs by ranking organization, third-party database (data not provided by HEI)
  • Quality assurance of ranking: advisory board
  • Website of the ranking organization:
  • Types of the ranking organization: commercial/for-profit (incl. media)
  • Types of rankings: global