General information on ranking

Name of the ranking SCImago Institutions Ranking
Geographical scope global
Name of person in charge of ranking -
E-mail of person in charge of ranking;
Website of the ranking
Publication frequency annual
First year of publication 2009
Most recent year of publication 2020
Ranking organization Scimago Lab
Website of the methodology

Additional information

  • Type of publication: internet
  • Internet users access to ranking: open access
  • Language of publication: English
  • Main target groups: higher education institutions,policymakers, governments and funding agencies,employers,quality assurance, accreditation, and recognition organizations,
  • Level of comparison: institutional,
  • Other: 7026 (all sectors: government, health, univeristies, companies, non-profit)
  • Major dimensions covered: research, employability, innovation, knowledge transfer, social engagement, web presence
  • Structure of presentation: ordinary presentation (league tables)
  • Data sources: third-party database (data not provided by HEI), Other: PATSTAT, Google, Ahrefs, PlumX Metrics, Mendeley
  • Quality assurance of ranking: periodic consultancy, advisory board
  • Website of the ranking organization: