Best Chinese Universities Rankings (BCUR) was jointly announced by ShanghaiRanking Consultancy and Tencent in February 2015. BCUR employs nine carefully selected indicators to evaluate some one thousand Chinese universities, it provides not only an overall ranking but also three specific rankings, including Teaching and Learning Ranking, Research Ranking as well as Social Service Ranking. BCUR is completely transparent by publishing not only the detailed methodology but also raw data of all indicators.

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Which universities are considered for the ranking?

Best Chinese Universities Rankings contains one overall ranking and three specific rankings:

  • Teaching & Learning Ranking: 657 universities that admit regular undergraduate students and publish graduates’ employment rate were considered.
  • Research Ranking: 221 universities with a minimum of 1,000 papers indexed by Scopus (2009-2013) were considered.
  • Social Service Ranking: 343 universities with research funding from industry and income from technology transfer not less than 5,000,000 RMB were considered.
  • Overall Ranking: 192 universities that meet all the criteria for specific rankings.

Ranking Criteria and Weights

BCUR ranks universities according to their performance in three dimensions: teaching and learning, research as well as social service.

  Dimension       Criteria       Indicator       Weight  
  Teaching and Learning       Quality of Incoming Students       Average score of incoming freshmen in national college entrance exam       30%  
      Education Outcome       Employment rate of bachelor degree recipients       15%  
  Research     Scale of Research       Number of papers in Scopus       10%  
      Quality of Research       Field Weighted Citation Impact       10%  
      Top Research Achievements       World Top 1% Most Cited Paper       10%  
      Top Scholars       Top Cited Researchers in China       10%  
  Social Service     Technology Service       Research income from industry       5%  
      University-Industry Collaboration       Academic-Corporate Collaboration papers       5%  
      Technology Transfer       Income from technology transfer       5%  

About ShanghaiRanking Consultancy

ShanghaiRanking Consultancy is a fully independent organization on higher education information. It endeavors to study the characteristics of world research universities and various policies of universities and governments regarding lifting performance. ShanghaiRanking consultancy is also the official publisher of Academic Ranking of World Universities, the first and one of the most influential global university rankings in the world.

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