In a new, major, qualitative report, top U.S. university MIT identifies Aalborg University’s engineering programs as a model for engineering programs worldwide. Aalborg University (AAU) engineering programs are number four in a new global report from MIT that analyzes the world's best engineering programs. AAU is surpassed on the list by only three U.S. institutions: Olin, MIT and Stanford. The analysis is based on interviews with 178 leading experts in engineering education. The experts also point out AAU as an early pioneer in problem-based learning which is currently gaining ground in programs the world over.

Problem-based learning situated in real life, a high level of both personal and professional skills on the part of AAU graduates, and constant focus on a method of teaching that meets the challenges of the labor market – these are MIT’s compelling arguments for assigning AAU a global top spot.

Serious basis in reality

That strength is recognized by both Danish and international companies, including Samsung which has put a development department right next to AAU.

- It is paramount to have the very best staff, and we benefit greatly from our location next door to the place that produces some of the sharpest engineers, says Rikke Holmgaard, Director of Human Resources at Samsung, who believes that AAU's place on the list is well deserved.


  • The ten best engineering programs in the world, according to the analysis:
    1. Olin, USA
    2. MIT, USA
    3. Stanford University, USA
    4. Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark
    5. Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
    6. University College London, UK
    7. Purdue University, USA
    8. National University of Singapore
    9. University of Cambridge, UK
    10. Chalmers University, Sweden
  • The report also includes a list where the results are adjusted for the experts’ country of residence. On this list, AAU occupies third place.
  • In 2018, the Confederation of Danish Industry again designated AAU as the Danish university best at working with the business community.
  • Aalborg University consists of five faculties, three of which train engineers: the Technical Faculty of IT and Design, the Faculty of Engineering and Science, and the Faculty of Medicine.

Read the full report from MIT here The Global State of the Art in Engineering Education (Graham, Ruth 2018) 



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